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Photo Booth For Sale

At Extreme Booths we manufacture and sell photo booths that are

affordable, portable, and easy to setup!

Who buys a photo booth? Entrepreneurs, photographers, DJ's, event planners, and event venues looking to create a new revenue stream!  A photo booth can also provide bar and restaurant owners a new and exciting way to connect with their customers via social media, retain accurate emails for promotional offers, and brand their product/service.

Choose between the Original Stacker EXTREME BOOTH™
or our newest Stacker EXTREME BOOTH™ Mini 3.0!

  • The Original Stacker EXTREME BOOTH™ gives you the flexibility to setup as an "open concept" photo booth that allows the guests to stand in front of any style backdrop (including green screen) or, you can add the optional Marquee Curtain Enclosure that is designed to attach directly to the booth to create an sleek and elegant enclosed photo booth experience!

  • The new Stacker EXTREME BOOTH™ Mini 3.0 has the same great design but is built 30% smaller and 30% lighter for even more portability!  It's open concept design can be converted to an enclosed photo booth experience by adding a free standing pop up curtain enclosure.

The Original Stacker Extreme Case Only

Includes top equipment case, prop box/transport case and prop table (see descriptions below.)

Oringal Full Turn Key 2 in 1 Promo

Include all the features shown in both columns below plus a FREE Marquee Curtain Enclosure, FREE Greenscreen Backdrop, Stand & Carry Bag, FREE Props Signs.

Mini Case Only

Includes top equipment case, prop box/transport case and prop table (see descriptions below.)

Mini Turn Key Promo

Includes all items listed in both columns below plus a FREE custom hard printer case and FREE prop signs.


No Fees or Contracts…We are not a franchise; you own 100% of your company and your photo booth.  No franchise fees, equipment fees, hidden fees.  We will also make sure you get the lowest price on the market for your future media orders.

Purchase either the Original or Mini Stacker EXTREME BOOTHS turn-key system and all you need to do is add people and props and your ready to start generating revenue!!



check markBooth Case: Our photo booths are designed using a lightweight black ABS construction over 3/8" plywood and heavy duty black hardware and premium wheel casters. Our photo booths are made not only for portability but strength and durability

check markABS Colors: We do have additional ABS colors available for custom orders.

check markProp Box & Equipment Transport Case: Our prop boxdesign comes with a custom hard foam insert specially designed to accommodate the booth equipment (not printer) while in transport!  Once you're on location, remove the foam insert and you can display your props during your event.  It's one of our favorite and most popular feature on our Stacker EXTREME BOOTH™ case designs!

check markProp Table:  Front transport cover converts to a photo booth prop table when removed!  Great for displaying your photo booth props, or eliminate the prop box and set the top photo booth case on your table.

check markCase Locks: The photo booth and prop box are equipped with a "slam latch" locking device and include (2) keys to help secure your equipment and props while on-location.

check markMonitor Opening: Our monitor opening features a sleek design clean trimmed opening that accommodates a 20" touch screen monitor.

check markPrinter Opening: Your photo booth come with a printer panel that is specially designed for your printer.  Your guests will only have access to the paper tray and not the control panel of your printer.  If you are purchasing the original Stacker EXTREME Booth case only, be sure to let us know which printer you will be using so that we can ship the appropriate printer panel for your photo booth printer. (Please note, the Mini 3.0 booth only accommodates the DNP DS40 Printer.) Your photo booth case will also include (2) transport handle panels that lock in when your booth is in transport.

check markCamera Mounting: The camera lens opening is 3" and our custom camera brackets will accommodate any professional DSLR camera you choose. It has the ability to tilt forward and back, move back and forth and allow the camera to move side to side.

check markStrobe Light Mounting: Our studio light box features a white translucent Plexiglas diffuser and a 1/4" spigot mounting bracket that will accommodate most professional photography strobes.

check markExterior Power Supply: The top equipment case features a built-in external power chassis plug located on the back rear side along with a 6' power cable.

check markInternal Power Supply: The interior of the top equipment case is equipped with a built-in 6 way plug.

check markPhoto Booth Graphics: The Stacker EXTREME BOOTH™ comes with standard Photo Booth graphic designs artwork.  Our graphics are printed directly onto the ABS material during the manufacturing of each boothThis is not a wrap or vinyl lettering.  Images shown are standard graphics however, you can create your own custom graphics for an additional fee.


check markPhoto Booth Case: Your turn key photo booth will include EVERYTHING listed with our case only features that you see in the description on the left, plus...

check markComputer: Our booths are equipped with an all-in-one computer that features a 20" touch screen monitor and wireless keyboard and mouse combo.

check markCamera:  Coming from a professional photography background, quality photographs are important to us therefore we equip our booths with an 18 megapixel Canon DSLR camera. NO webcam!

check markPrinter: Not only is the quality of the prints important, but so is having less booth downtime at an event. We equip our booths with one of the best professional dye sublimation printers on the market.  One roll of media will print up to 1400 2x6 prints on the original Stacker Extreme Booth or up to 800 2x6 prints for the Stacker Extreme Booth Mini 3.0.  Our printers print 300dpi and print a 4x6 or (2) 2x6 strips in less than 15 seconds.

check markPrinter Media: Your turn-key photo booth includes the start up media to get you started in your photo booth business! Your printer will be loaded with paper and ribbon to get you going.  Your starter media can last 2 to 4 events depending upon the size and length of time of your events!

check markPhotography Strobe: Included with your photo booth is a 400 watt powerful, self-contained

studio flash unit with adjustable output.  The flash power is adjusted on the back control panel with a slide fader,capable of adjusting in whole f-stop increments and everywhere in between. 

check markSoftware: The photo booth software is fully customizable and by far the best booth software on the market!  It is very simple to customize the photo booth monitor screens and photo prints with a built in visual editor program within the software…NO PHOTOSHOP NEEDED.  Screen shots and print layouts can be customized with logos, text, etc. within minutes vs. many photo booth software that takes hours to create a custom design.  The software gives you the flexibility to offer green screen backgrounds (green screen backdrop not included), print style options; i.e. 4x6 prints or (2) 2x6 photo strips, color options; i.e. b/w, color, retro, or sepia and even video testimonials!  You can offer the guests to email their photos directly from the software to their phones so they can instantly share their photos to their Facebook, Twitter, and other social media sites.  You can also pool email addresses to provide to your client post event for future marketing needs.

Let’s recap a few key point features of the photo booth software:

  • Built in Customized Graphics editor program…No need for Photo Shop. The customizable user interface allows you to create custom booth screens, add filters, add interactive overlays to screen layouts, create custom print graphics in a multitude of sizes and layouts, and much, much, more all on the fly right in the photo booth software!!

  • Green Screen and Custom Graphics…Create multiple green screen backgrounds or graphic overlay borders for the guests to select from.

  • Custom Print Layouts…Create 2x6 photo strips or 4x6 prints with custom layouts that you easily design within the photo booth.

  • Face Detection…The only software that knows how many people are in the booth and can automatically print out the correct number of photo prints.

  • Video Testimonials…Have the guests give a 30 second or one minute video testimony to the bride and groom or to your client about their product experience.

  • Email photos instantly to a phone…Clients can effortlessly email their photos right to their phone.

  • Email Capture…Collect email addresses for your corporate clients or for your own internal marketing needs.

  • Free Software Upgrades for LifeYes FREE for LIFE!  Stay ahead of the competition and have the most advanced cutting edge photo booth with our free software upgrades.

Click on the drop down menus below to find out more information on our Stacker EXTREME BOOTHSTM

What Makes The Stacker EXTREME BOOTHS™ design so "EXTREME"?

  • Durability - Our booths are made with top quality, lightweight ABS material over 3/8" plywood and heavy duty hardware!

  • Style - We use ALL black framing and hardware to create elegant photo booths for your events. 

  • Warranty - One year manufacture's warranty.

  • Easy to Transport - The Original Stacker EXTREME BOOTHTM can be transported in a medium size SUV, our newest Stacker EXTREME BOOTHTM
    Mini 3.0 can be transported in a medium size vehicle or smaller SUV.

  • Easy to Setup - Our booths can be setup with the equipment top case and lower case prop box stacked, or just the top photo booth case setup on the front transport cover that converts to a table when removed.

  • Universal Design - Our booths are designed to accommodate almost any professional photo booth equipment, making future upgrades easier!

  • Customizable - Create your own custom branded photo booth with your very own custom designed graphics.

  • Ready to Turn Profits - Buy a full TURN-KEY PHOTO BOOTH, add people and props and your ready to start generating revenue!

Optional Add-On Features

See optional add-on feature images in the right side slideshow

The Original Stacker Extreme Booth Marquee Enclosure with Curtains & Carry Bag $625

Convert The Original Stacker EXTREME BOOTH™  from an "open concept" photo booth to an enclosed photo booth within minutes!  The 3 sided marquee includes the words "Photo Booth" on the front panel leaving you space on the 2 side panels to promote your companies logo.  Includes black curtains and a convenient carrying bag.

Custom Exterior Graphics $475

Your photo booth will come with the standard "Photo Booth" text & graphics, however your photo booth can be branded with your logo and own custom graphics. We will provide you with the required measurements and file format specifications for you to create your own unique Stacker EXTREME BOOTH™ design, or for a fee our graphics team can create a design for you.  Graphics are printed directly onto the photo booths ABS material on the top case front, back, and two sides of the booth in a 4 color ink process and can be full bleed (meaning edge to edge.)  Custom exterior graphics are not a wrap or vinyl lettering therefore, your artwork will be needed in a timely manner in order to complete your custom Stacker EXTREME BOOTH™ order. 

Protective Transport Covers for Top and Lower Case $425

Protect your investment with our custom fitted case covers. Includes (2) protective transport covers, one for the top case and one for the prop box.  Our covers are designed with a soft inner cushion material and a durable 180z black vinyl exterior that will protect your photo booth cases during transport.

Printer Transport Case with Dolly System $450

Protect your investment with our custom hard printer case with built in transport wheels and dolly system.  Our printer case is built with the same durable material as our photo booth and accommodates the DNP DSRX1 printer or the DNP DS40 printer along with additional space for photo paper, cables, etc.

Green Screen Backdrop, Stand, & Carry Bag $198

All you need to get started with green screen is included in this kit.

  • 12' tall x 10' wide Chromakey Green Screen Backdrop
  • 8' tall x 10' wide Backdrop Support System
  • Carrying case for backdrop stand included

Prop Signs $125

Included in this set is (9) reversible heavy duty prop signs.

• Durable, hard plastic

• rounded edges

• 5mm

• Waterproof

• Light-weight (2.3 ounces)

• 10″ x 5″

• Glare reducer coating

• Professionally UV flatbed printing

• Vibrant colors

• Different front/back pattern

Transporting The Stacker EXTREME BOOTHS™

The Original Stacker EXTREME BOOTH™
Photo Booth Cases (including top case, transport cover/table, and lower case prop/equipment box)
Total Weight: 162 pound
The booth can be transported in a medium size SUV or truck
Both the top case and prop box case are designed with a built-in dolly system for easy moving/transporting and are both light weight enough to be moved around by (1) small sized adult male, or female.  This booth is designed to accommodate the custom Marquee Curtain Enclosure attachment therefore, the booth is a little larger in size and weight and may require a 2nd persons assistance to mount the top case up onto the lower prop box case.

The Stacker EXTREME BOOTH™ Mini 3.0
Photo Booth Cases (including top case, transport cover (table), and lower case prop/equipment box)
Total Weight: 93 pounds
The booth can be transported in a medium size vehicle or small size SUV
Our new Mini design is 30% smaller and 30% lighter and allows for one small individual to move, transport, and setup the photo booth. (Please note this booth does not allow for the custom Marquee Curtain Enclosure.)

The Stacker EXTREME BOOTH™ Case Dimensions

The Original Stacker EXTREME BOOTHTM

Top Case: 30"W x 48"H x 18.75"D/Weight: 76 lbs
Prop Box: 30"W x 24"H x 18.75"D/Weight: 23 lbs
Table Only: 30"W x 48"L x 4"D/Weight: 35 lbs
The Stacker EXTREME BOOTHTM Assembled with Marquee Curtain Enclosure 30"W x 80.5"H x 60" L

The Stacker EXTREME BOOTHTM Mini 3.0

Top Case: 24"W x 40"H x 16.75"D/Weight: 45 lbs
Prop Box: 24"W x 24"H x 16.75"D/Weight: 23 lbs
Table Only: 24W x 40"L x 3"D/Weight: 25 lbs

About Our One Year Warranty

Our Stacker EXTREME BOOTHS™ are built solid from top quality material and come with a one year manufacture's warranty.  We will put all warranties for The Stacker EXTREME BOOTHS™ case and the photo booth equipment, if purchased, in your name.  We will provide you with an itemized list of the products you purchased along with a warranty card for each of these items.

Technical Assistance

We are available to assist you with the start-up of your business and offer phone and direct connect technical support at no additional cost for 3 months.

Phone Tech Support...
Our tech support line is (682) 233-1825

We understand that most events take place in the evening and on weekends that is why our tech support line is monitored 24 hours a day/7 days a week.  If you call after normal business hours please leave a detailed message and your voice mail will also be transcribed and sent in an email and text to our on call tech assistant so that we can call you back immediately to assist.

Direct Connect Support...If you have an internet connection we can also dial into your computer to visually assist with whatever issue you may be experiencing.

Phone and Direct Connect technical support is FREE for the first 3 months, after 3 months, we do charge a small fee of $25 per call if assistance is needed outside of our normal tech support hours.

Members Only ForumLaunching in August of 2014 Extreme Booth owners can share and learn from each other and find valuable FAQ’s about your photo booth and photo booth software.

Live Video ChatsLaunching in August of 2014 join us once a month in Google Hangout for live feed discussions on everything photo booth related!

About Shipping

The average freight/shipping cost within the United States is estimated between $450 and $575 dollars depending on whether you are purchasing the Stacker EXTREME BOOTH case only or a full turn-key Stacker EXTREME BOOTH™. Your Stacker EXTREME BOOTH™ will be packaged on a flat 48x40 palette and shipped from Dallas-Fort Worth Texas via freight. Once your order is placed, it will take 1-3 weeks to build your booth and an additional 3-7 business days for shipping, depending upon your location. 

Delivery is available within the Dallas Fort Worth Metroplex - Call for Quote

Purchasing Additional Graphic Templates

In addition to the many print and screen templates that are included with your photo booth software, you can also purchase additional ready-made templates from our online storefront at PHOTO BOOTH TEMPLATES.

Click Here For Additional Photo Booth Sales Faq's

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ur camera brackets are able to accomodate any camera you choose. They have the ability to tilt forward and back, move back and forth and allow the camera to move side to side.